TTI Congratulates KEMET on 100 Years

Pictured above (left to right): Don Akery, President TTI Americas; Paul Andrews, TTI Founder and CEO; Bill Lowe, KEMET CEO; and Mike Morton, TTI COO. 

A message from Mike Morton, Chief Operating Officer of TTI, Inc.  

In recognition of your amazing first century, and on behalf of the almost 7,000 members of the TTI Family of Companies around the globe, we congratulate KEMET on your one hundredth anniversary. To do so with the respect of your peers, the comradery of your partners in distribution, and the universal recognition of the quality products the KEMET brand represents, there truly is a reason to celebrate.

KEMET historically has been at the forefront of the technological revolution and still remains a leader today. Our initial engagement over 35 years ago wasn’t without risk to both companies. Fortunately, we could see the rewards for taking such a risk. TTI’s relationship with KEMET has enabled TTI to be recognized as an industry leader and one that is envied by others.

Today, KEMET remains TTI’s most valued partner, a perennial winner of our awards for excellence, and a dependable colleague in the ever-changing landscape of electronics. In an industry that has had its challenges and opportunities, one hundred years can seem an eternity.

We look forward to the next century of KEMET excellence, and know that our success today is sustainable provided everyone acknowledges the special relationship and how each company has enabled the other. Together we can move our industry and the world farther ahead with every new tomorrow.

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