Steady Growth with Mouser Electronics

Great partnerships are not born, they are built. In this our centennial year, we’re reflecting on our partnerships; they are essential to our success. One such partnership dates back almost 20 years: Mouser Electronics. Mouser began in 1964 as a high school electronics program and has evolved into an electronics distribution powerhouse. Since Mouser and KEMET joined forces in 2000, each year has been more impressive than the last. While KEMET strives to help make the world a better, safer, more connected place to live, Mouser connects to customers and the community, always making a positive difference. Mouser’s support of local science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) students, their charitable giving, and commitment to employees are just some of the reasons we admire them and enjoy doing business with them. 

Our synergy with Mouser is magnetic and expansive. The KEMET and Mouser partnership goes all the way back to early 2000 when KEMET’s Jim Bruorton and Pat Turner worked with Mouser’s Mike Williams to incorporate KEMET into Mouser’s offerings. In the weeks that followed, Mouser staffers Williams and Nicole Neal swiftly demonstrated deep commitment by enrolling in a KEMET training program called KEMET Kollege. This training helped them to better understand and market KEMET products. 

By the end of March, the KEMET product line was off and running with about 2,300 KEMET part numbers set up, and sales coming in. Just a year later, in February 2001, the part count was near 3,360 and sales had exceeded half a million dollars. The KEMET and Mouser partnership would only get better. Just 18 months after starting, Mouser had reached $1M in KEMET sales. Today annual sales are more than 40 times that.

At KEMET, speed is our true north, and Mouser really gets that. From the auspicious beginning, our partnership has only strengthened. Recently, Mouser earned four prestigious KEMET awards over the last five years, including two Digital Marketing Partner awards and two High Service Distributor awards. Our joint efforts are extraordinary, and we look forward to continued success and new milestones in the coming year!  

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