Plato once said, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” KEMET is no stranger to these words, as everything we’ve made and innovated since our early beginnings started out of necessity. From our getters in 1931, which improved radio communication, to today’s electronic components, KEMET can be found in almost every type of electronic you own. If it has an ON/OFF switch or plugs into a wall, you can bet KEMET is, has and will be…there. Throughout time and necessity, KEMET has been a pioneer in innovation, and KEMET’s KONNEKT™ technology is just one part of this revolutionary journey.

In the same way cities have high-rises and skyscrapers, stacking ceramic capacitors on top of each other is a way to solve the problem of tight spaces. In the digital age, because of the increasing miniaturization of electronic devices and the requirements for smaller electronic components with more capabilities, a smaller footprint on a circuit board is critical. Traditionally, components are stacked on top of each other to conserve space and to hold them in place, using metal beds – or lead frames. However, lead frames are costly and introduce power loss. Our engineers needed a low loss, low inductance package capable of handling high temperatures and high power, while taking up a very small footprint on the board. KEMET KONNEKT™ was born out of this necessity.

Our patented KONNEKT™ technology allows two or more ceramic capacitors to be stacked vertically without using any metal strips on the sides. This technology is like a special type of glue that can withstand high heat. In addition to this innovation of creating these leadless ceramic stacks, our engineers also developed a new, low-loss dielectric called U2J. KEMET’s proprietary technology uses a special sintering process to bond the U2J capacitors on top of each other, optimizing capacitance while saving space and minimizing power loss.

Because servers use so much power, Google was looking for a better power solution. They approached KEMET with their need for a capacitor that can withstand the heat, economize space on the circuit board and yet not lose power. KEMET KONNEKT™ was the answer.

Since the introduction of this new product, KEMET has received nothing but praise from Google and other leading technology brands you know and love. The future will hold new requirements and necessities for electronics, and KEMET will continue to discover these solutions as we charge into the next 100 years.

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