Shaping the Future of Gaming Technology

When technology and fun come together, great things can happen. Some of the best gaming systems in popular culture over the last decade and some of the most exciting advancements in gaming technology were born of this synergy, and KEMET was there through it all.

Since the early days of electronic gaming, KEMET has been manufacturing components for popular gaming systems and developing technologies that shaped recreational technology. Let’s explore some of these exciting innovations in gaming technology.

Powering Top Gaming Systems

Electronic Components in Video Game Consoles

If you’re interested in video game culture in the slightest, you know that many gaming companies started in Japan. Thanks to technology created by KEMET, your favorite gaming systems can function seamlessly, providing hours of entertainment.

Video game enthusiasts from the 1980s and 1990s are familiar with technology of the day. Electronic components helped power big name Japanese and international gaming systems. Gaming innovations continued through the new millennium, and KEMET was there through it all. Today, KEMET components power the newest, freshest, and most fun generations of your favorite gaming systems.

KEMET and the Future of Gaming

Augmented and Virtual Reality

For a fully immersive experience, gamers may choose emerging augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) gaming adventures. Augmented and virtual reality headsets are part of a new type of immersive technology that uses advanced motion detection algorithms and display methods to present the user with a virtual or enhanced world view. This technology is still developing, and while it may evolve past a head-worn element, the basic concept of combining sensor data with a display will still be a key aspect regardless of whatever future form AR/VR takes. KEMET’s sensors, capacitors, inductors and electromagnetic components are advancing the functionality and performance of gaming technology.

Haptic Technology

Most people are familiar with haptic technology and not usually aware of it. Haptic technology creates a sense of touch by applying vibrations or motions to the user. Currently, it’s the tech that allows your phone or video game controller to vibrate, alerting you of a new notification or making the game experience feel like it has come to life. But haptic technology is being developed beyond the sense of touch. Features that could evolve include full haptic suits for an even more realistic gaming experience.

KEMET partnered with a company that makes the world’s thinnest, electro-mechanical, polymer actuators. These components provide rich haptic feedback for a variety of applications including AR/VR technology and wearable devices. KEMET applies its expertise in manufacturing film capacitors to this “smart” film, enhancing the development and commercial production of the actuators.

Dr. Philip Lessner, KEMET’s Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, says, “This technology allows for unprecedented functionality in haptic actuators, both due to its ultra-thin profile and small size, which allows it to be incorporated into the widest variety of wearables and virtual reality applications, and its ability to provide a variety of tactile sensations.”

Wearable Devices

Also, thanks to the advancements being made by KEMET and partners, gamers and tech enthusiasts alike can look forward to haptic technology that will be useful across a wide variety of wearable devices. Ultra-thin and small haptic actuators that provide tactile sensations will create new and interesting interactions with technology.

And while it’s hard to predict what the future of gaming will look like, if it’s anything like the advances we’ve seen so far, users can count on the experience being thrilling and immersive. The possibilities are seemingly endless for the future of gaming with KEMET.

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