KEMET in Space

With a spirit of curiosity and exploration, humans have always wondered about the stars and the universe beyond our atmosphere. Space programs developed internationally beginning in the late 1950s, right around the time KEMET entered the capacitor business. KEMET has powered major players in space exploration since the famous “Space Race.”

After the Soviets claimed first satellite and first man in space, President John F. Kennedy promised the U.S. would be the first country to put a man on the moon. That launched the Apollo space program, and the goal was met on July 20, 1969. KEMET has been a part of the U.S. space movement with every major milestone starting with tantalum capacitors in the early 1960s, using hermetically sealed and wet tantalums. KEMET was also instrumental in developing technologies for the preceding Mercury and Gemini programs.

KEMET is a favored capacitor supplier of space programs because of our quality and confidence in performance. We share a long history with trusted partners of NASA. KEMET has been a key supplier to their success. In addition, aviation partners such as Boeing, among others, have partnered with KEMET for High Reliability Capacitors to continue their success.

As we move into the future, KEMET continues to work closely with companies on the next generation of reusable launch rockets. With trusted partners, KEMET is taking what the industry learned in 50 years and advancing by allowing newer technologies and ideas to move to the forefront faster while maintaining a high-level of confidence and exceeding customer expectations.

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