Persistence with Positivity

Whether it is learning words in a third language to better communicate with colleagues around the world, or taking classes towards an MBA, Hilario Barboza Godinez is constantly on the move. KEMET recognizes him as a leader, a team player, and a valuable asset to the company. As such, his work has taken him all over the world. He has formed international connections and truly values the global diversity of KEMET.

From his early years in San Nicholas, Mexico, Hilario has come very far. In those days, over 15 years ago, he worked as an Electronic Technician in Corrective Maintenance, repairing and maintaining production machinery. Because of his keen attention to detail, he worked in the “clean rooms,” which housed the building of green chips that eventually became ceramic capacitors. If any kind of contaminant, such as dust, hair, or even an eyelash got into the material, it could damage the parts, so the rooms had strict regulations. Hilario’s consistent and meticulous work ethic was noticed at KEMET.

At the time, the Maintenance Superintendent, Adrian Vargas, let Hilario know that he could earn a bachelor’s degree through KEMET. He encouraged Hilario to explore the Industrial Engineering field. Adrian was also an advocate within KEMET, promoting Hilario’s professionalism and outstanding work ethic no matter the job. Thanks to KEMET, Hilario received his bachelor’s degree while working.

He was also given the opportunity to deepen his knowledge base by working in KEMET’s Film Business Group. There, he met Process Manager Don Gering, who noticed Hilario going above and beyond to improve communication with German colleagues. Don made it known that Hilario was the key contact for his colleagues to turn to for information from his plant. This was all because Hilario had independently taken the time to learn some key words in German. This built comfort and trust with his colleagues and Hilario was now known for his aptitude for international team building.

Today, Hilario holds the newly earned title of Projects Engineer, in the Quality Assurance and Reliability lab, a point of pride for him. There, he works with Armando Gonzalez, the Quality Assurance Lab Manager. Armando has been a constant support, helping Hilario to become the best engineer he can ever be. In his newest position, Hilario is in charge of analyzing equipment for improvements and interpreting the data he finds. He is also the go-to person for new equipment sourcing, selection, purchase, installation, training, and documentation.

Although this certainly keeps him very busy, his quest for knowledge has not ended. He’s currently working on an MBA, which is a favorite pastime outside of KEMET. “Universidad TecMilenio is my third home after KEMET. The school’s philosophy resonates with me: positive psychology informed by vision. They help people form a life plan and gain the competencies to reach it.”

While his currently location is Guadalupe, Mexico, Hilario has held positions in KEMET facilities around the world such as Sasso Marconi, Italy; Landsberg, Germany; Batam, Indonesia; and Skopje, Macedonia.  Hilario’s skills, knowledge, and recognition by his colleagues brought him to these different countries. “I have been so blessed to contribute during the difficult process of moving production lines from one location to another.”  And this authentic international work experience allowed him to expand his world view. “Working at KEMET has given me the opportunity to meet people from different continents, countries, and religions. It is amazing to see how everyone at KEMET, regardless of their background or differences truly promotes teamwork. No matter where you were born, or where you grew up, or what you believe, all humans are equal. KEMET recognizes this and helps to build good people through teamwork.”

As he moved through his career at KEMET, his positive attitude and team focus were front and center. In 2016, he received the One KEMET Award for his outstanding work in being able to fix anything at KEMET, no matter where in the world it was. Hilario was recognized for his time spent in Macedonia and Indonesia, helping to start up the film lines there. He was lauded for his skill and reliability. “It was amazing to be recognized in front of all of my colleagues, our executive leaders, and my family. I will always cherish the look of pride on my wife’s face when I received the award.”

As Hilario reflects on KEMET’s history, he sees value in persistence. “No matter what,” he states, “the hard work always brings good results and wellness.” He is deeply aligned with KEMET’s vision, to be the world’s most trusted partner for innovative component solutions. Hilario sees our path to making this a reality. As he puts it, “I can see KEMET continually growing based on its own DNA. KEMET quality will lead us into the next 100 years.  I see us offering the most reliable passive components in the world.”

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