An Acquisitive Mind

Suzana Jankuloska

When KEMET started in 1919, we were led by a brilliant inventor with a degree in Pharmacy, Hugh S. Cooper. Yet it wasn’t long before Cooper invited engineers onto his team. To this day, KEMET engineers all around the world have a passion for problem-solving and innovation. Our very first CEO, David E. Maguire, was himself an industrial engineer. It is plain to see that KEMET would scarcely exist without the contribution of engineers. Here at KEMET, we embrace creativity, teamwork, problem solving, and visionary thinking. These are all qualities that our engineers bring to the table.

In honor of Global Day of the Engineer, we are happy to profile one of our valued employees, Suzana Jankuloska. Suzana became an engineer in 2006, when she earned her degree in electrical engineering from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies at Ss Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, Macedonia. She chose to pursue engineering to see how far her love of math would take her, since she had already conquered computer science in high school. In fact, Suzana’s love of math goes so deep that she sees it as a metaphor for life itself.

How can I simplify things?

“In computer science you start with simple coding, where you analyze how different kinds of computer languages communicate. The goal is to find simple and quick communication, and that makes you wonder, ‘How can I streamline this even more?’ That is how I look at math problems. I can do math day and night, and it’s fun. Once, when I was studying for a test, I did 200 problems in one evening! At the end, I loved it! Give me another one.”

While advanced mathematics, such as calculus, can boggle many minds, it gave life and energy to Suzana. During that 200-problem study session, Suzana learned to recognize patterns in integrals. “First you solve the simple, really short problems. Then when you try to solve complex problems, you recognize the smaller parts of the equation and combine them for the solution. When you have a lot of smaller, simple equations in a combination, then the solution to the complex one just comes to you.”

Suzana’s method for solving complex problems is not only applicable in calculus drills, but in every day applications. “That is how I see life. It’s made of simple parts which are connected to form the whole picture.” Early on, Suzana wanted to learn more about how electronics are used in creating the latest technologies. She decided to pursue her degree in electrical engineering with an electronics focus. There is “a lot of opportunity when you choose electrical engineering. It takes you to different levels.” After graduating, she studied in the field of high power applications to continue her exploration of engineering.

Finding A Home At KEMET

When she found KEMET in 2012, she wasn’t yet flexing her engineering muscle. After working at an IT distribution company, she was hired at KEMET as an Inside Sales representative in Macedonia. “I really wanted to dive into the details, at the component level by working for a manufacturer.” After four successful years in Inside Sales at KEMET, Suzana was encouraged to apply for the Product Management position she currently holds. Today, Suzana manages our line of Aluminum Electrolytics, which includes Screw Terminal, Snap-In, Press-Fit, Solder Pin/Tab, Axial Leads, Radial Leads, Surface Mount, and Motor Start. Suzana states that engineers who design in aluminum electrolytics use our Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Life Expectancy Calculator regularly.

Just like solutions coming together in a math problem, when Suzana ascended to product management at KEMET, she knew she had found the right job for her. Not only did her engineering background come into play, but her previous sales experience proved valuable as well. “I really got excited, because I was able to go back to my engineering roots again. I was directly connected to the technology. Being a product manager is a great combination of knowing about the technology and seeing how it addresses the needs of the market. You learn about business, how to grow revenue, and the benefits to customers. Additionally, I am a direct link between our Research and Development Center in Portugal, the sales reps, and the customers. I get to see the entire life cycle of our components.” Just like trying to get different computer languages to communicate well, Suzana translates the customer needs to our Évora Electrolytics Research and Development Team so they can build customized products.

The KEMET Difference

KEMET began in the United States and started to expand internationally in the late 1970s. Over the years, the company has become increasingly diverse both domestically and internationally. Around the world, our diversity is intentional and dynamic. KEMET’s commitment to “one global team valuing diversity and inclusion” is not just talk: it improves our work product.

As Suzana puts it, at KEMET, “you have the chance to work with diversity. You can see the cross-departmental working. There is collaboration with the plant, salespeople, and marketing. Different cultures think differently and it’s amazing to see how they come together to spark innovation. Engineers are challenged here. Work is enhanced because of this collaboration between different cultures and people who are the products of different educational systems. This contributes a lot to help us all at KEMET think outside of the box. There are opportunities to express ideas and space is created so that everyone can do so. That is excellent because you have the possibility to collaborate with everyone as well. You can learn from this diversity and grow personally.”

Engineers’ Life

While there are any number of things that Suzana could have done with her life, she found the right fit with electrical engineering at KEMET. And she’s definitely not alone. Engineers from all around the world serve on our leadership team, in management positions, and throughout all levels at KEMET. And excitingly, our customers are engineers, too. Our passion is offering engineers solutions to their design problems. It’s not always easy, but we love it. “All engineers I know are up for a challenge. Engineers like challenge. We live to solve problems. We make things that don’t exist today and bring them into existence.”

Want to learn more? Check out our Engineering Center to learn about our products, applications, and local trainings.

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