A History of Innovation

About a 90-minute drive from Portugal’s capital city of Lisbon, is Évora. You may not know this, but Évora is a UNESCO site. In the city’s historic center stands the ancient Roman Temple of Évora (also called the Temple of Diana). Portugal’s second-oldest university is located in the city as well. Évora is also home to one of KEMET’s manufacturing facilities for aluminum electrolytic capacitors. These capacitors are designed for use in all types of electronic equipment including power and alternative energy, industrial, telecommunications, automotive, military, medical, and consumer electronics applications. The two markets that are critical for aluminum electrolytic capacitors are industrial and automotive. Aluminum electrolytic capacitors have a variety of uses for today’s latest innovations. You more than likely own a KEMET component and don’t even know it. Everything from the Internet of Things, smart grids, power grid management, alternative energy, industry 4.0, and electric vehicles use these capacitors. Reliance on wind, solar, and geothermal energy along with the increase in electronic content in ordinary items is fueling demand for aluminum electrolytic capacitors. The emerging technology of autonomous driving is another area where these capacitors are essential. With the electrification of just about anything and everything, aluminum electrolytic capacitors are involved. Last year, our Évora team celebrated their 20th anniversary. The manufacturing facility opened in 1998, and KEMET acquired it in 2006. Over 375 team members call KEMET Évora their workplace. Originally a tantalum capacitor factory, the Évora facility is now home to the manufacture of aluminum electrolytic capacitors and mission critical tantalum capacitors. Our team’s commitment to research and development is evident in our Electrolytic Innovation Center. Here you can find scientists and engineers focused on providing products, services, advanced technology, and solutions to our customers. Every member of the KEMET Évora team is proud of their collaboration, continuous improvement, service, and the quality of the components they make.
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